Before and After

Smile Makeover


Composite Filling

Before: Decay and Stain
After: Repaired with composite filling

Root Surface Bonding

Before: Root exposure with stain
After: Repaired with composite bonding

Crown Replacement


Before: Older porcelain fused to 

metal crowns


After: Replaced with new All-

Porcelain crowns




Before: Old Composite Veneers


After: Replaced with new All-
Porcelain Veneers


Upper Full Mouth Reconstruction


Before: Gummy Smile with old 

porcelain fused to metal crowns


After: Gum Re-sculpturing surgery

followed by All-Porcelain crowns


Composite Fillings


Before: Old silver fillings


After: New composite resin filling


Composite Bonding


Before: Chipped front teeth


After: Repaired with composite 



Fractured Tooth


Before: Fractured front tooth


After: Repaired with root canal, post 

and All-Porcelain crown


Implant Overdenture


Before: Old discolored and worn

down implant overdenture


After: Newly fabricated overdenture

with All-Porcelain teeth


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